Elderly Care Services

Senior Home Care Service

With Hadley Reese your senior loved one will receive the care and attention they deserve. Elderly Care Professionals provide a wonderful alternative to crowded nursing homes . One-to-one personalized care gives you peace of mind knowing your senior loved one is comfortable and properly taken care of in the privacy of their own home.

Our warmhearted caregivers, nurses, certified medical assistants and simple companions provide grooming, dressing and undressing, and mobility assistance. They carry out household tasks such as housekeeping, taking the garbage out, watering plants and flowers, cooking, laundry, ironing, picking up prescriptions and dry cleaning, escorting your loved one to appointments, religious services and events, shopping, engaging in activities such as board, card and memory games and joining them on refreshing walks. These Senior Caregivers are not required to be medically trained.

If your loved one requires medical assistance and support, Hadley Reese Staffing will supply Elderly Care Specialists trained and qualified to:

  • Apply and change dressings
  • Bathe and dress your loved one
  • Monitor blood pressure and insulin levels
  • Administer medication
  • Follow nutritional and dietary requirements
  • Maintain a health journal to record behavior and health patterns
  • Helping with treatments such as catheterization

Contact us today to discuss your Elderly Care requirements and wishes.

Discuss Your Elderly Care Requirements and Wishes


  • 01. What is Hadley Reese's philosophy on Senior Care?‌

    The health care providers in Canada sometimes do not provide the one to one care required. When it comes Hadley Reese we are fully engaged in providing superlative live-in or live-out care in order for our clients to remain in their homes as long as possible.

  • 02. What kind of staff does Hadley Reese provide for Senior Care?

    We support a broad range, flexible, diverse care to meet all of your senior care needs. Our caregivers provide skilled, compassionate, loyal and dedicated services. We offer bespoke individual requirements which result in stellar service.

  • 03. How will Hadley Reese find the right senior's caregiver for me or my loved one?

    We make sure that we speak to you or a member of your family in order to have an in-depth understanding of your needs. We then execute the necessary steps, match your caregiver to your personality and care. We take care of all the employment checks, accredited courses and certificates with police and vulnerable police checks as well as checking previous employer’s references. We offer continued support if and when your needs change. We know that these details can make all of the difference in the client's care.

  • 04. How do I know what level of service I will need?

    At Hadley Reese , our team of care specialists are trained to understand and determine what you or your loved one needs by speaking to a member of your family or your medical specialist, to help stay in your home.

  • 05. How quickly can services be provided?

    At Hadley Reese we know time is of the essence. We are equipped to find care for your loved one, immediately or at your required start date.