Professional Nanny Services

Hire A Governess Service

A Governess can be hired to work alongside an existing Nanny or to work independently with the children. While Nannies take care of nursery duties, the Governess takes charge of educational activities and social graces. The main concerns of the Governess are reaching educational and social benchmarks set forth by the parents.

A Governess:

  • Teaches manners, etiquette and proper code of conduct
  • Tutors specialized subjects such as a different language, art, history or a musical instrument
  • Takes time management very seriously - assists with the creation and implementation of a schedule for the children
  • Keeps parents current with daily regimen, progress and results
  • Prepares children for exams and school assessments

A Governess can leave quite a lasting impression on the children under their care. They often they remain in contact well into the children's post adolescent years. Children never forget the positive impact of their Governess.

Every client is unique, simply because every child is unique. Matching the right governess to the right child and household is deeply important to us. No matter what your requirements, we will help you find the most qualified and personally suited Governess for your child.

Governess Outlay

On average a Governess earns anywhere between $20 per hour to $30 per hour. This varies depending on location, the number of children, and required specialities.

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